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What We Do

AcquisitionWorks is dedicated to improving the financial returns on investments made in merged and acquired companies. We are at our best in dealing with Growth synergies and reducing Leakage (versus Cost synergies).

In the diagram, AcquisitionWorks discusses what it does best; Dealing with Growth Synergies and decreasing leakage.

Our programs are designed to refocus and align the newly acquired organization on redefined strategic objectives. Our focus is on the people, and helping you to gain their commitment, re-energize their workday, and align their efforts.  

We provide structured programs, processes and tools that will:

  • Accelerate the achievement of your strategic objectives,
  • Improve the retention of key employees,
  • Renew employee productivity,
  • Leverage the synergies between the two organizations, and
  • Improve the revenues of your combined business.

Our Most Popular Programs

Readiness Assessment Survey

Through a series of individual interviews and group meetings with the acquired workforce, data is gathered which identifies concerns, crystallizes issues, and surfaces preconceived notions about the integration with the acquirer. The consultant has the advantage of offering complete confidentiality to the participants while the acquirer receives structured data and analysis on which they can act. 

The Readiness Assessment accelerates the integration process by quickly identifying obstacles to integration, dispelling false rumors, and establishing a basis for trust between the two organizations.

Unity Conference

Designing an integration meeting between the management of the two organizations can be a tricky proposition. We provide expertise and an even handed approach to participation which gives the acquired a meaningful voice in the new organization. In the process, the acquired employees are re-engaged, re-energized, and motivated to accomplish their goals.

The Unity Conference will accelerate results by clarifying priorities and re-engaging key employees. It will also reduce turnover among key employees, and improve the energy and motivation of the acquired employees.

Other AcquisitionWorks Programs

  • Organizational Integration
  • Cross Cultural Analysis
  • Communications Strategies
  • Management Training
  • Progress Audits
  • Due Diligence Assistance
  • Best Practices
  • Executive Briefings
  • Diagnostic Programs


Warning Signs

If you have an ongoing situation, you may be seeing these warning signs:

  • Delays on committed deliverables
  • Declining financial results
  • Employee turnover
  • Resistance to change
  • Poor morale; reduced energy and hours
  • Unengaged passive employees
  • Growing criticisms about the new unit’s competence

It may not be too late. We have programs that will provide you with data about how the acquired employees are doing, what’s on their mind, and programs to help you re-engage and re-motivate key employees, management and the rank and file.


Why Hire an Outside Consultant?

We are Organizational Integration Experts.

We are organizational integration specialists. 

If integrating organizations was just about having good management, 70% would not fail. But they do.

Good management helps, of course. But is it enough? If you are interested in growth synergies, retaining key employees, and a re-energized work force, an independent consultant can provide a needed balance to the power exchange. This balance allows the acquired to express their concerns, participate in the decisions that will effect their future and become a part of the new organization.

We have developed a number of structured programs which we modify to your specific goals and objectives. to bring an unbiased data driven approach to integration. We have a number of tools at our disposal including the DiSC team evaluation, the Competing Values Framework, the JoHari Window, Cultural Assessments, et al. Each of these tools has been adapted by our team for integrating disparate organizations.


About Us

We provide consulting services, programs and expertise that assist companies with the integration of acquired units, or the merger of two organizations, including joint ventures and strategic partnerships. Our work combines the practical with the theoretical in a manner that enhances customer value

Dennis Fitzgerald, Dennis Fitzgerald, the Managing Partner, founded AcquisitionWorks in 2003 to help companies improve the returns they get from their investments in acquisitions.
Dennis Fitzgerald, Managing Partner

Dennis Fitzgerald, the Managing Partner, founded AcquisitionWorks in 2003 to help companies improve the returns they get from their investments in acquisitions. He has been involved in evaluating scores of acquisition targets, positioned as both the acquirer and the acquiree and has been the integration manager for dozens of acquired units.

Prior to establishing AcquisitionWorks, he served as the Vice President of Human Resources for a number of high technology companies. He was part of a team that grew a business in data communications from $0 to $750 million in 3 years for Ericsson through acquisition, integration and technology transfer. He has an MBA from Northeastern University and is the author of Strategic Integration, an Executive’s Guide to Merging Acquired Organizations.  In addition to helping companies integrate acquired units, Dennis Fitzgerald also consults in the following areas: executive coaching, team effectiveness, conflict in the workplace, and career counseling. He is a Certified Partner of Everything DiSC, a tool for assessing personality types and improving communications.


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