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The ThirdWave Process

Read about our methodology and how it can work to increase the value of an acquisition.

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Manager Training

We can help to prepare the managers and key employees by providing a 6-hour training program addressing the dynamics unique to acquisitions.  This program will prepare employees for these subtle dynamics.  We will help managers understand why resistance builds, why real opinions are hidden, why morale suffers; and offer techniques and skills for improving these situations.  We will also help managers understand which activities to focus on to quickly move toward the right objectives.

New Manager Introduction Training

When an acquisition is integrated there is often a need for new functional managers to integrate new teams.  We provide a four hour training program for selected facilitators within your own organization (often your Human Resource personnel) to conduct new manager introductions in the most effective way possible using a process based on the JoHari window and adapted for the dynamics of acquisitions. 

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