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Assessing Employee Views

Unfortunately, doing an acquisition is not always the environment that results in the most open and honest communications.  The importance of establishing an accurate base line of information regarding your new employees cannot be over-emphasized if you desire to rapidly implement a set of actions and gain their commitment.  As an independent consulting organization we provide these employees a level of confidentiality not easily repeatable within your own organization.  See our white papers on Assessing Employee Views and The Effect of Employee Commitment on Customer Relationships for more information. 

We offer a range of tools to help assess the current views of the employee population and establish a base line for quick action.  Included among these tools are:

  • Employee VIEW.  A customizable, on-line questionnaire.  This questionnaire returns the specific opinions of employees regarding the acquisition, the management, and the process.  It highlights their questions and fears.  Further it can be customized to uncover any specific questions your management team might have.  Because it is conducted on-line it is easy to complete and quick to compile.

  • Focus Groups.  Our consultants gained their experience in Focus Group working in the product and customer side of the business.  We have adapted this discipline to enable us to work with small groups of employees to rapidly gain a depth of constructive views supported by a fun, engaging and confidential environment.

  • Key Employee Interviews.  We utilize a structured interviewing technique based on the same principles as outlined in the paper, Assessing Employee Views.  Our report will provide an in depth view of key issues of the transition and help to identify priorities.

  • Social Maps.  These may be integrated into VIEW or other processes and help to identify the key informal employees of an organization.


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