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 Sunday, July 14th, 4:00 Business Radio 1060 -Straight Talk
July 2002  
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The Leadership Gap

AcquisitionWorks Update

The Hierarchy Gap

It's not Rocket Science, Yet...

Unique Practices in M&A - Sun Microsystems



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According to data released by Thompson Financial 3,673 deals were done in the US in the first two quarters. Deal activity increased significantly Q2 over Q1, however, with an increase in total purchase price of 35%. Increased M&A activity is classically a leading indicator of an improving economy, reflecting "reasonable valuations" and a more aggressive and optimistic approach to the marketplace. In short it represents a shift from a defensive mind set to an offensive one.

  Don Jacobs and Dennis Fitzgerald, partners in AcquisitionWorks, Inc. will be featured on Straight Talk with Larry Stybel, on BusinessRadio 1060 AM, WBIX, Sunday, July 13th at 4:00PM. You can listen through their website at www.business1060.com. It will be an live open air show discussing best practices in M&A, current trends, and recent acquisitions. If you have an opinion that you would like to share you may call in at (+1) 877.711.1060.

  • The Leadership Gap
  •   Very often during the integration phase of an acquisition when a larger company is acquiring a much smaller one, remote unknown management replaces the local and usually, highly respected management. The degree to which this happens can vary but often it goes well beyond what was imagined by the executive leadership of the acquiring parent. This situation is particularly prevalent in remote situations and remote can be anything remaining in a separate facility more than 10 miles from the new management.

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  • AcquisitionWorks Update
  •   Dr. Anthony Buono's latest book, "Enhancing Inter-firm Networks and Interorganizational Strategies", will be out in July. The book focuses on dynamics and positive intervention techniques for M&As, partnerships and networks.

    AcquisitionWorks, Inc. has moved into new offices, located in the Bay Colony Corporate Center, at 1050 Winter Street, Suite 1000, Waltham, MA. Our new phone number is: (+1) 781 839 7070. New fax is: (+1) 781 998 8544.

  • The Hierarchy Gap

    First characterized by Anthony Buono and James Bowditch in their classic book, The Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions, the Hierarchy Gap continues to play a major role in the poor execution of the strategic intent of the acquisition. Read the full article to understand why this anti-synergy continues to persist.

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  • It's not Rocket Science, Yet...
  •   Cisco, GE Capital, and others have used an aggressive acquisition strategy to emerge as dominant players in their markets. Why do they succeed while others (most, in fact) fail? Follow this link to see a list of best and worst practices that separate the winners from the losers.

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  • Unique Practices in M&A - Sun Microsystems
  •   Sun Microsystems provides two individuals to an acquired unit during the transition stage - a Champion and a Concierge. The role of the Champion, who is most often a well respected engineer, is to help promote the acquired units technology and integration within other units of Sun's development groups. The Concierge, who is often from accounting or administration, is available on-site to help the newly acquired employees work with Sun's administrative systems such as purchasing, travel and expense processes.


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