December 2005   

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AcquisitionWorks, Inc. Newsletter Happy Holidays
December 2005

Dear Reader,

Throughout history Fall was always a time of plenty. The hard work was done and the harvests were in. It was a time for family, rest, contemplation, and thanks. In our modern world, the work load never stops and for many the end of the year is budgets, planning and the busiest time of the year. Take a moment this week with your staff to get together, relax and say thanks. Enjoy the holidays and save some time for your family.

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  • 5 Tips for Selling Entrepreneurs
  • Rolling Up for Success
  • Merger Statistics
  • Strategic Relationship with Renowned Sales Acceleration Organization
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  • Rolling Up for Success
    There are many reasons and strategies for acquiring companies. One of the most successful is the Roll Up Strategy where a company expands its size by snapping up companies in the same industry. As a rule, 70% of acquisitions fail. Yet companies employing roll up strategies generally have a higher success rate. Nonetheless, these companies have their own challenges. In this article we take a look why many of these companies are successful and the unique challenges they have.

    Merger Statistics
    Deals YTD 12-05

    Deal volume continues to rise with an almost equal split between US and European deals at over 10,000 deals each YTD. The per deal value of US firms at $107M is up by 37% from last year and is over 40% greater than the average price of the European deals this year. (Raw statistics drawn from

    Strategic Relationship with Renowned Sales Acceleration Organization

    AcquisitionWorks, Inc is pleased to announce itís formation of a strategic relationship with Darst & Associates. Since 1985, Darst & Associates has provided sales guidance, sales acceleration programs, and sales improvement programs for clients on a world-wide basis.

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    AcquisitionWorks, Inc. provides expertise and programs to help accelerate and optimize the financial returns you get from your investments in acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic relationships. To contact AcquisitionWorks to discuss specific challenges please contact or visit our webpage at http://www.

    5 Tips for Selling Entrepreneurs
    Dennis Fitzgerald
    If you are an entrepreneur who is considering selling here are five principles to keep in mind.

    First youíll want to structure your organization so that the acquiring company can retain value. And if much of the value is in the people then this means limiting the number of people with stock options and long term incentives that fully vest on change of control. Immediate vesting should be triggered only if employees are asked to leave, asked to move, or asked to take a reduction in pay, not on change of control per se. Keeping key employees through the first couple of years is critical to the success of knowledge based and strategic acquisitions.

    Second, in spite of the above comment, you will want to exit as quickly as possible.

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