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Strategic Integration
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You've experienced mergers and acquisitions. Been there, done that. Most of these acquisitions failed, and the reasons seemed obvious enough - poor strategic choices and bad management. This time, you are in a position to do something about it and make sure the acquisition works.

Since 1960, every study of acquisitions has shown that they fail more often than they succeed. This raises an interesting question. Can management failure alone be responsible for such a high failure rate?

This booklet will explain the many reasons why acquisitions fail. It will show you why good managers to do the wrong things. It will provide you with insight into the underlying forces that undermine an acquisition. And it will give you a strategic perspective on how to effectively integrate acquired companies. Here some key issue that the booklet will cover: o Due diligence and contract negotiations o Day One preparations o Techniques for integrating strategic objectives and re-aligning action plans o Re-engaging the acquired workforce and gaining their commitment, and o Understanding how cultural differences affect the execution of your strategic objectives. This guide is intended for the executive who can influence the strategic Integration of two or more organizations. The principles employed here apply not only to mergers and acquisitions, but also to joint ventures, strategic relationships, and certain outsourcing situations.

"In the '80s analysis showed that 70% of acquisitions failed. Over the next two decades, countless research studies were done. Academics, consultants, and practitioners discussed and examined the issues. Many books were written. Yet the analyses that were done in the early 2000s show the same level of failure. Anytime bright people make the same mistakes over and over, you know that there are powerful forces at work."
- Dr. Anthony Buono, author of The Human Side of Mergers and Acquisitions

(Volume discounts are available.)



Why Acquisitions Fail
 The Acquirer's Dilemma
 Selling the Deal
 The Conquering Syndrome
 Deal Euphoria
 Hierarchy Gap

Stages of Integration
 1. Due Diligence
   a. Deal killers
   b. Assessing the Executives
   c. Negotiating Executive Contracts
 2. Planning
 3. The Shock Wave and Day One Activities
   a. Communications
   b. Shock Wave Summary
 4. Operational Integration
   a. Transitions and Redundancies
 5. ThirdWave Integration®
   a. Leadership
   b. Strategic Clarity
   c. Re-engaging the Acquired Workforce

 Culture and Strategy
 Cross-Border Cultures
 Culture as a Scapegoat

Key Performance Metrics

Sustaining Momentum

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