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A Practical Guide for Acquired Employees
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This Booklet provides a helpful guide to acquired employees. It will provide them with a sense of what to expect - the good, the bad, and the ugly. It also provides a set of actions that the average employee can take to improve their individual circumstances, their career potential, and their company's chance of achieving success.

Follow Sammy through the realistic phases of the changes typical in an acquired organization. Will this be a time of growth and opportunity for Sammy? Or one of frustration, confusion, and change? In this booklet we will discuss the various reasons why companies acquire and the kinds of actions they are likely to take. Most importantly, this booklet will offer a roadmap for how to navigate your career through this transition, and how to make the best of the opportunities that are presented to you.

So whether you are an acquired employee or a manager looking to provide your employees with some answers, this booklet provides a realistic yet positive outlook on the challenges and opportunities brought about in an acquisition. (Volume discounts are available.)


Sammy's Story: A Surprise Meeting
Why Acquire

Sammy's Story: The Rumor Mill Grinds
The Acquisition Process
Will I have a job?

Sammy's Story: At Last, Some News-and a New Face
Expect Change

Sammy's Story: Integration Aggravation
Acquisition Dynamics
The Acquirer's Dilemma
Integration Issues

Sammy's Story: Hitting Rock Bottom
The Best of Intentions
Making Progress

Sammy's Story: The Tide Turns
Change Is Everywhere
Take a Leadership Role
Your Career Opportunities

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