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Topaz Partners is a new breed of public relations firm, providing senior counsel and hands-on support in media relations, executive communications, marketing communications, Internet PR and other areas of strategic business communications.
Cambio International, Inc. is an organization and management consulting firm with a focus on intercultural and change management. Cambio consultants help executives, teams and organizations mobilize around issues of growth, change, cross-border partnerships, and cultural diversity. 
FTG's business is designing and implementing custom business solutions (built with standard off-the-shelf software) that improve productivity and increase their client's competitiveness.  They do this by analyzing key business processes and finding opportunities to eliminate redundant effort and barriers to communication.  FTG's experience includes business solutions for Merrill Lynch, Compaq, Cabletron, Xyplex, Cognex, Liberty Mutual, Interleaf, and ZipLink. 

the FIRST virtual International Business Buyer Directory

BUSINESS BUYER DIRECTORY is an e commerce based business serving the international business merger and acquisition community by providing business buyers introductions to companies that are for sale, or can be purchased, that meet the buyer's exact, pre-registered, company purchase criteria.

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