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We are now offering 2 new GUIDEBOOKS: one a guide for the strategic manager and the other a practical manual for acquired employees. Strategic Integration provides a guide to Best Practices for the strategic acquisition leaders from due diligence through to integration. SOLD! gives every employee a helpful guide, setting expectations and suggesting behaviors that will optimize the acquisition experience to meet both their career goals and those of the integrated organizations.
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Most-Downloaded Whitepapers

5 Tips For Entrepreneurs
Due Diligence Checklist
Merging Sales Forces
ThirdWave IntegrationTM
The Leadership Gap
Selection Bias

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Selected Programs

Integration Assessment
Customer Validation Survey

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Speakers:  Looking for speakers who can help prepare your new acquired organization for what lies ahead and how they can benefit from the new association?  Or perhaps you would like to prepare your managers for the underlying dynamics of an acquisition process.

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AcquisitionWorks is dedicated to improving the financial returns on the investments made in merged and acquired companies. 

By refocusing and aligning the newly acquired organization on the strategic objectives of the acquisition, we will enhance and accelerate the value they bring to your customers, improving your competitive edge.  We provide structured programs, processes and tools that will strengthen the commitment of the workforce to these goals.  Our focused efforts will accelerate the achievement of your strategic objectives and in the process, improve the retention of employees, renew employee productivity, fully leverage the synergies between the two organizations, and improve the revenues of your combined business.

ThirdWave IntegrationTM.  First comes the Shockwave, then the Organizational Integration but what of the integration of the strategies of the acquired unit with the parent?  What does it take to develop the growth synergy intended when the acquisition was done?  How do you get the acquired employees to embrace the new strategic possibilities and own responsibility for them?  Read Jonathan Lane’s white paper on ThirdWave IntegrationTM.

How well is your acquisition going?  Let AcquisitionWorks help you get an objective perspective.  Find out the risks and get some practical recommendations for steps to get you back on track.  See more about our Progress Audit.

New Strategic Relationship

AcquisitionWorks, Inc is pleased to announce it’s formation of a strategic relationship with Darst & Associates. Since 1985, Darst & Associates has provided sales guidance, sales acceleration programs, and sales improvement programs for clients on a world-wide basis.

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Looking for general information about acquisitions, legal issues, forms, statistics, etc.  Check out our selection of recommended sites on Useful Links 

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Executive Briefings

Customized to cover your specific concerns on:

Managing the Integration Process

Managing in Uncertainty

The Acquisition Process

Workforce Preparedness

For more information on executive briefings and training programs

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All Too Familiar?

Congratulations abound as the deal is finally concluded.  The acquired employees are as excited as the senior executives of the buyer.  Everyone is convinced the deal will be a resounding success.  Yet most acquisitions fail.  Read about how the usual integration processes can get in the way of successful strategic results.

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Due Diligence Checklist – Free Download.  Looking for a checklist that helps you evaluate the Human Assets.  Get a free download of our Due Diligence Checklist which was highlighted in the recently published book, “Enhancing Network Strategies” edited by Dr. Anthony Buono

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